Fiercely Vibrant Alcohol Inks

Premium quality, beautifully versatile, fiercely vibrant, jumbo sized alcohol inks to let your creativity ROAR!

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Jumbo Sized!

Let Your Creativity Flow! 20ml Alcohol Ink Bottles Provides 33-50% More Ink Per Bottle Than Competitiors. With Fiercely Vibrant & Highely Saturated Colors For Creating Depth, Layering, And Stunning Effects On All Kinds Of Surfaces!

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Professional Quality!

Our Alcohol Ink Sets Are Water-Resistant, 100% Acid Free and Japanese Dye-Based For Creating Long Lasting Depth, Layering & Stunning Effects. Each Bottle Is Labeled With Color On Leak Resistant Cap & Includes A Precision Applicator Tip For More Control With Less Spills.

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Incredibly Versatile!

The Perfect Alcohol Ink For: Alcohol Ink Painting, Resin Art, Resin Tinting, Stamping, Fabric Dying, Jewelry Making, Tumbler Painting & Create Brilliant Color On Most Non-Porous Surfaces Like Glass, Stone, Leather, Ceramic, And Even Polymer Clay!

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SUPER Vibrant

🎨 These inks are SUPER vibrant and based on how little they spread on their own, I can tell there’s a lot more pigment than alcohol 🙌 There’s also nearly no odor which is always a plus.

Sammy Gorin

Makes Artwork POP

I’ve totally been loving these alcohol inks👌🌈 The colors are so vibrant and make my paper animal artwork POP in the resin! 🎉 I’ve been going through the blue shades like crazy and love the unique hues I can get with them individually, as well as mixed! 👍 

Sharell Whipple

GREAT Alcohol Inks

Love these new inks! I am an alcohol ink artist, and these are a great addition to all the inks available. The colors are vibrant & saturated. Overall, a nice addition to the realm of alcohol inks!

Julie Olson