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Copus Christi
Great set. Wide array of earth tones

I’ve now got all the T-Rex colors, and each set is great. The earth tones are just that- very earthy. If you want brighter, or cooler, pick another set, but if you want earth tones, this is a great set.
I use them in my epoxy projects and am always happy with the outcome. The liquid gold that comes in this set is the best gold I’ve ever used- better than more well known brands.

Amazon Customer
Amazing quality for artist projects.

I bought this set originally because I needed some varieties of yellow for the alcohol ink coasters and coffee mugs that I sell. I love the way they blend and the pigment on each color. The biggest bonus is the size of each color compared to other brands. Would recommend to any other artists out there who go through a good amount of ink based solely on the size but I would overall recommend to anyone based on the overall quality. I included a photo of a finished project to show how vibrant the colors are.

Great product, great price, easy to use. Amazing colors.

T-Rex inks not only have the most amazing colors, but they come in the best packaging of any alcohol inks. The bottles contain more ink than other brands and the lids are easy to use, unlike many other brands. They are my favorite Brand based on color, price, and ease of use. A must-try for every artist!

Tyler Stehlin
Best inks on the market !

This is seriously the best brand of alcohol inks on the market. The bottles last forever because the colors are so vibrant you only need a few drops for whatever you’re making with it. I will never use another brand other than this!!! Defiantly buy !!!