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Joy Santamaria

IN LOVE with T-Rex Ink! Very pigmented and the color range is amazing!! I absolutely love the vibrancy and the different hues. I highly recommend them! Can’t wait for more colors!!!

Sara Corey
Love These Inks!

Not only does this company make beautiful, vibrant inks, but they are wonderful to work with! I love experimenting with the different hues, and find that these inks have such dimensional color!

Amz Reviewer
Beautiful vibrant colors!

Love the vibrancy of the inks and the way the colors stay true after adding alcohol or blending solution. Will continue to use these beautiful inks.

Buy this!! High quality, beautiful ink

After purchasing a cheaper ink set to experiment with resin I quickly realized I was missing out on on truly Vibrant translucent color, so I purchased this set. It does not disappoint!!
First of all I love the design of the bottles, each ink is clearly and true to color labeled on the cap. The box has become ideal storage, keeping bottles snug with each other and upright. When used in resin for a Petri effect the ink moves and disperses beautifully. Also can be used to dye resin a solid, translucent hue easily without affecting curing. Colors are juicy and vibrant, very pigmented, and play well with each other without getting muddy.
Highly recommend anyone interested in a set of alcohol inks to purchase this set. Provides you with every basic color you can want and at such a good price. I really like that this set includes a clear blender, I’ve used it in Petries for an awesome dispersion effect. Also helpful for mixing my own tints, a cheaper option to buying other colors haha. I use a jacquard white ink with a lot of my projects, but if Trex made a white pigment I would buy it!!

Amazing Inks

Best inks on the market only brand i use now and i will be a long time customer 🩸