Shades of Pink: Meet All 4 of T-Rex Inks' Pink Alcohol Inks, and Compare Colors Across Brands

by Tiffani Rex

T-Rex Inks' 4 Pink Colors Bottles: Dragonfruit Pink, Snapdragon Pink, Coral Blush, Prism Pink and Stardust Clear

When it comes to alcohol inks, there is no shortage of vibrant colors to choose from. One particular color family that has gained immense popularity is pink. It’s our best seller, hands down. From bold and bright shades to soft and delicate hues, pink alcohol inks offer a wide range of possibilities for artists and crafters alike. In this blog post, we'll introduce you to all four of T-Rex Inks' stunning pink alcohol inks: Dragonfruit Pink, Snapdragon Pink, Coral Blush, and Prism Pink.

T-Rex Inks Pinks in One Painting

T-Rex Inks Pinks in One Painting

Artist: @ambachthaus

Each of these inks possesses its own unique characteristics, making them a must-have addition to any artist's ink collection. You can buy all of these as part of an economical set or individually. We have also included artist tips that have alcohol ink color comparisons across brands to help you match the color you are looking for at T-Rex.

Dragonfruit Pink Alcohol Ink:

Dragonfruit Pink Ink Swatch

Artist: @abstractsbydani

Let's start with Dragonfruit Pink, from our STARTER SET, a shade that commands attention with its intense and vibrant nature. This ink resembles a scorching hot pink, capable of infusing your artwork with a powerful burst of energy. It's perfect for those who want to make a bold statement or add a pop of color to their creations or need just a little bit of ink to go a long way in resin. 

T-Rex Inks Bottles Compared to Other Popular Brand

Artist tip to color match Dragonfruit Pink to other brands: If you like Pinata Pink Alcohol Ink, then you will like our Dragonfruit Pink, and it comes in a bigger bottle. Tim Holtz’ Ranger Ink’s Raspberry is a close comparison in shade to our Dargonfruit Pink, and Copic Ink’s RV06 Cerise is a spot on match for Dragonfruit Pink too, also in bigger bottles than those two brands. You will also find the high gloss T-Rex offers appealing. 

Snapdragon Pink Alcohol Ink:

Artist @emileeranaart artwork using snapdragon pink alcohol ink

Artist: @emileeranaart

@erica_helder painting using meterorite and snapdragon pink

Artist: @erica_helder

Snapdragon Pink, from our WARM EARTHtones Set, offers a subtle twist to the traditional pink palette. With its hidden blue undertones, this ink brings a touch of coolness to your artwork, creating a unique and captivating visual effect. Snapdragon Pink is an excellent choice for artists who seek a balance between warmth and coolness in their compositions while drawn to a floral pink. Artist @erica_helder on Instagram uses Snapdragon Pink along with Meteorite in a beautifully subtle way proving pink doesn't always have to be flashy. It can also be soft and elegant.

Artist tip to color match Snapdragon Pink to other brands: If you like Tim Holtz’ Ranger Ink’s Flamingo, Snapdragon Pink is a close comparison, but with more ink for your buck. Copic Ink’s RV19 Red Violet is a very close match for Snapdragon Pink with similar cool undertones, but in a bigger bottle. 

Coral Blush Alcohol Ink:

Artist @artsy_livey painting with alcohol ink swatches next to it

Artist: @artsy_livey

Artist: @emileeranaart painted tray with alcohol inks

Artist: @emileeranaart

For those who prefer a warmer-toned pink, Coral Blush is an excellent option. This shade of pink ink exudes a sense of coziness and radiates a gentle warmth. It’s your favorite shade of blush, or the soft spring lipstick you love. It’s inviting and soothing nature makes it ideal for creating landscapes, floral designs, or any artwork that requires a touch of tranquility and a feminine accent.

Artist tip to color match Coral Blush to other brands: If you like Tim Holtz’ Ranger Ink’s Light Prawn, then Coral Blush is a close companion, and more economical. Or if you are more of a Copic person and looking to switch, Copic Ink’s RV14 Begonia Pink is the most similar to Coral Blush in color but cheaper per ounce. Copic’s RV23 Pure PInk is also pretty close in hue. 

Shimmer Prism Pink Alcohol Ink:

Shimmering Pink Alchol Ink Color Prism Pink by T-Rex Inks

Last but not least, we have Prism Pink, an ink that combines shimmering effects with a delightful surprise. This light and airy pink shade not only adds a subtle shimmer to your artwork but also reveals unexpected undertones as you thin it out. This magical quality of Prism Pink makes it an excellent choice for ethereal and dreamlike creations. It is a bright light pink that shouts imaginative fantasy and feminine energy. 

Artist tip to color match Prism Pink to other brands: If you like Tim Holtz’ Ranger Ink’s Light Pink Sherbert, then Prism Pink is a twin sister but with her own personality. In the arena of Copic Ink, you will find a kindred tone for Prism Pink in Copic Ink’s RV02 Sugared Almond Pink but without the shimmer. And don’t we all need a little sparkle in our life?


Which Pink Alcohol Ink is best for your project?

Artist: @ambachthaus painting using many pink inks

Artist: @ambachthaus

Resin Hairclips made with Pink Alcohol Ink by @olivia_manufaktur

Artist: @olivia_manufaktur

Pour Painting with Inks and resin by @holtoncwrc

Artist: @holtoncwrc

T-Rex Inks' collection of pink alcohol inks offers a spectrum of shades to suit every artistic style and preference. And we are always expanding! Whether you're looking for a bold and vibrant statement or a soft and delicate touch, these four inks—Dragonfruit Pink, Snapdragon Pink, Coral Blush, and Prism Pink—offer bountiful creative opportunities. Experiment with their individual characteristics and incorporate them into your artwork to bring your vision to life and make a work of art that is above all things: YOU. Most of all let your creativity flow with these mesmerizing pink alcohol inks from T-Rex Inks. Art chooses you.