September Artist & Ambassador of the Month: Laurie Williams

by Tiffani Rex

laurie williams


We are very excited to start the Artist & Ambassador of the Month club back up. And this month's star you may know from her leading role in the alcohol ink art community. Laurie Williams! Let's get right to it:


1) What kind of alcohol ink artist are you? How did you get started? Tell us a little about you.

I started my journey with alcohol ink back in 2012. Initially captivated by the vibrancy of the color and the fluid nature, I quickly found myself aspiring to push the boundaries of what could be achieved with this unique medium. I soon began experimenting with techniques to control and manipulate the ink, which lead me to create more realistic art. Therefore, I consider myself both an abstract and realistic alcohol ink artist. When I first began, alcohol ink was predominantly used for stamping and card-making. It was a relatively unexplored medium in the art world, with only a small number of artists adopting it for more traditional artwork. However, this landscape has rapidly evolved. Recognizing the potential for a larger community of like-minded artists, I founded the Alcohol Ink Art Community in 2017. The group has since grown exponentially, boasting over 54,000 members on our Facebook group. I am proud to lead a creative team comprising some of the most talented alcohol ink artists and instructors globally. Together, we organize online conferences and events aimed at both educating and fueling a passion for alcohol ink art. Earlier this year, I had the privilege of co-authoring a book, "Creating Art with Alcohol Ink," in collaboration with artist Sheryl Williams and twelve other esteemed contributors. We are united in our mission to share the joy and possibilities that alcohol ink brings to the art world with anyone who wants to learn.

2) What would you say are your specialties as an alcohol ink artist? What sets you apart?

I tend to create more realistic work, focusing mostly on landscapes and structures. However, what truly distinguishes me is my commitment to share my knowledge and expertise with others. I love that alcohol inks are a great starting medium that pretty much anyone can pick up and start creating with just a little direction. For those who wish to go further, the medium offers an array of advanced techniques and possibilities.

3) Do you teach how to do this at all? How can we learn from you?

Absolutely. I love teaching others how to explore the incredible world of alcohol ink art. You can find a wealth of instructional videos on both the Alcohol Ink Art Community's channel (@alcoholinkartcommunity) and my personal YouTube channel (@laurietrumpet). Additionally, I offer alcohol ink painting courses through the Alcohol Ink Art Society and Create SmART Academy.

4) What advice for new alcohol ink artists would you offer?

My first piece of advice would be to exercise patience as you familiarize yourself with the unique behavior of alcohol inks. Alcohol ink has a mind of its own, but once you learn how it behaves, you can achieve truly magical results. Don't hesitate to experiment freely and don't let initial frustrations deter you. The key is to approach each piece without preconceived expectations; let yourself be surprised by what you can create and "go with the flow." Additionally, I highly recommend that newbies learn some basic color theory and understanding which surfaces work best with alcohol inks. To assist beginners on their journey, I've compiled a comprehensive guide that can be downloaded at Beginner's Guide to Alcohol Ink ( . This guide serves as a valuable resource for anyone just starting out with alcohol ink.

My website is

My Facebook, Instagram and Youtube is @laurietrumpet 

5) What have you enjoyed most about using T-Rex Inks? Do you have any in-depth review videos / posts about our inks we can link to?

I've been thoroughly impressed with T-Rex Inks, both in terms of color vibrancy and consistency of the inks. I love that there is a great starter pack with all the essential colors that is perfect for beginners, but then there are some additional packs of cool and warm colors. Another aspect that sets T-Rex Inks apart is the practical design of the bottles. Their wider base reduces the risk of tipping, an issue I've encountered with other brands. I can tell T-Rex put a lot of thought and work into creating a fabulous product.
Here is a recent video where I use T-Rex:




T-rex inks color swatches