Green Light This: All 8 of T-Rex Inks' Green Alcohol Inks and how to color match them to other brands

by Tiffani Rex

Green Color Swatches

Green, the color of nature and tranquility, holds a special place in our hearts. It represents growth, harmony, and a sense of balance. T-Rex Inks understands the importance of these tones in artistic creations and offers a stunning collection of green alcohol inks. In this blog post, we'll introduce you to all eight of T-Rex Inks' captivating green alcohol inks: Irish Moss, Jurassic Green, Lemongrass, Olive Grove, Kelp Forest, Seaglass, Firefly, and Laser Green. Each of these inks possesses its own unique characteristics, inviting artists to explore the vast possibilities of the color green. It may not always be the first color you reach for, but when you do you will be wowed by the sense of wonder it can convey.


1. Irish Moss (Starter Set):

Irish Moss Alcohol Ink on Ceramic Plant Pots

Green Alchohol Ink Painting

flower bocquet ink art with pink and green alcohol inks

Starting off our journey is Irish Moss, a shade that exudes a day hiking in the highlands. This shade of green is reminiscent of brilliant moss on the backside of a rock on rolling green hills. With just a slight touch of vegetal mossy yellow, its the right color to reach for landscape scenes.

Artist color matching tip: If you like the bright notes of Tim Holtz’s Limeade, you may like our Irish Moss for similar vibrance, but more ink for your dollar. Or if you are trying to match Pinata Lime Green Alcohol Ink, Irish Moss is a close cousin, and again a much better bargain.


2. Jurassic Green (Starter Set):

Green Alchohol Ink Bookmarks
Petri Dish Art Green Alcohol Ink Drops in Resin
Blah in Resin Green Ink Drop Art


Inspired by the lush jungles of the past, Jurassic Green roars with life and depth. This deeply saturated green tone adds a sense of vibrancy and richness to your artwork. Just like the reign of the dinosaurs, Jurassic Green dominates any painting it touches. Keep it thick for an ultra dark green, or thin it (with our clear blender) for a lighter true green shade.

Artist color matching tip: If you are making the switch to T-Rex Inks colors from Brea Reese, their Cobalt Green is a pretty good color match for Jurassic Green. Whereas Ranger Ink’s Botanical is right up the Jurassic Green toned alley.


3. Lemongrass (Cool Earthtones Set):



Bringing a burst of freshness, Lemongrass is a vegetal yellow-green that embodies the vibrance of spring. This earthy hue carries undertones of yellow-green flora, offering a versatile palette for your artistic endeavors. Thin it out to explore its intricate subtleties. You will love the wild contrast when paired with a bright pink.

Artist color matching tip: This is a rare color. The only one on the market that seems to come close to it is Brea Reese’s Olive Alcohol Ink with Ranger’s Lettuce in the ballpark, albeit ia touch more blue-green undertone in it. Copic’s YG97 Spanish Olive Alcohol Ink is similar in color family to Lemongrass too.


4. Kelp Forest (Cool Earthtones Set):

Green Alcohol Ink Painting
Green Alcohol Ink Painting


If you're seeking to paint a woodland scene, Kelp Forest is all you need. This ink transitions from a dark hunter-green to a mesmerizing display of kelp-like greens grassy jades as it thins out. Let your imagination wander through the depths of nature with Kelp Forest.

Artist color matching tip: A true true green, this one stands on its own in the industry. Somewhere between Brea Reese’s Cobalt Green and Kelly Alcohol Ink colors.


5. Olive Grove (Cool Earthtones Set):

Olive Grove Alcohol Ink Painting 
Subtle Green Alcohol Ink Painting


Olive Grove captures the essence of a cool sage tone, reminiscent of an olive leaf or the dusky shades of a weeping willow. This earthy hue casts a peaceful and understated green, allowing you to infuse your artwork with a sense of tranquility.

Artist color matching tip: Copic’s G99 Olive is quite similar. Tim Holt’s Ranger Lettuce color has similar dusky tones but different undertones. Olive Grove thins true to its color while Lettuce peeks blue.


6. Seaglass (Cool Earthtones Set):

 Circles Painting with T-Rex Inks colors

Imagine holding a piece of sea glass to the sun and witnessing its transformation into a vibrant emerald green. That's the essence of Seaglass. With subtle earthy blue undertones, this ink captures the beauty of nature's hidden treasures. Let Seaglass illuminate your artistic creations in a similar way.

Artist color matching tip: Copic’s G29 Pine Tree Green, Pinata’s Rainforest Alcohol Ink, Ranger’s Bottle and Meadow Ink colors are less economical yet similar tone matches.


7. Firefly (Shimmer Set):

 Shimmer Set Color Swatches

Inspired by the enchantment of fireflies illuminating a dark forest, Firefly is almost a neon yellow green, much like its namesake, yet muted and beautiful in its own way. This unique green ink shines with a mesmerizing glow, creating a magical ambiance in your compositions that rivals the dazzling glow of fireflies in the forest on a summer night.

Artist color matching tip: This one is totally unique on the market. Best described as a fluorescent yellow-green.


8. Laser Green (Shimmer Set):

Laser Green Shimmer Set Painting

With a touch of blue in its palette, Laser Green stands out as a cooler-toned green alcohol ink that also sparkles. The sci-fi-like shimmer ignites the imagination, inviting you to explore the realms of fantasy in your artwork. Let Laser Green take your creativity to new frontiers.

Artist color matching tip: The shimmer is unique but you can kind a close color cousin in Ranger Ink’s Pistachio and a bit more of a reach, Clover. Their color names don’t quite ring true to their names, so don’t be confused by matching them to ours. Copic’s G02 Spectrum Green & YG45 Cobalt Green are also very similar.


Green With Envy

Gorgeous Alcohol Ink painting with blue, green, yellow

T-Rex Inks' collection of green alcohol inks presents artists with a world of possibilities. From vibrant and captivating shades like Irish Moss and Jurassic Green to earthy and tranquil hues like Olive Grove and Lemongrass, each green ink tone carries its own unique character. Whether you're seeking to recreate the wonders of nature or dive into the realm of fantasy, these eight green alcohol inks from T-Rex Inks will undoubtedly inspire your artistic journey. Explore the depths of green and unleash your creativity with these remarkable inks. You can buy them as part of our sets, or as individuals.