August Artist & Educators Of The Month: Mr. & Mrs. King

by Tiffa Rex

August Alcohol Ink Artist & Educator Of The Month

We are very excited to bring attention to a new artist every month. Each Artist we highlight also teaches their craft in some way so we can all benefit from it. This month we interviewed some of the most accomplished alcohol ink tumbler and cup artists we have ever seen: Mr. & Mrs. King. Let's dive in!

1) Tell us al about yourselves and how you got your start?

We started our journey after Monica had purchased a couple of tumblers from a neighborhood cup maker. We admired the cup and thought it would be a fun thing to try out. After a couple of cups we were hooked! We began broadcasting our work live on Twitch and making them for gamers and friends we met along the way. Fast forward to 2021 and we have since become full time Twitch Streamers and Owners of Kings Creations, A wholesale tumbler supply company!

alchohol ink on tumblers

2) What do you use alcohol inks for, and why do you love the medium?

We use T-Rex inks exclusively on our Tumblers and various resin works. We work with T-Rex Inks due to the size of the bottles, Vibrant Colors, Quick Dry Time and Long lasting properties. We love this medium because it's a natural flowing work of art and anyone can do it.

3) What expert advice can you offer others who want to make alcohol ink tumblers?

There IS NO WRONG. Let the ink be fluid and let nature run its course. Start with a small amount of each color and add to it until you reach your desired effect. Let nature do the work! As we often say “whatever you think it will look like, scratch that out of your mind, it will be different, and that is OK!”

4) What are some of the challenges of running your own husband & wife art business?

Getting known! We are about 1 year old in the supply business. We are very proud of our pricing and products we carry but it's often difficult to get in the eyes of creators who need what we carry without “self promoting”. We believe in honesty and integrity and with due process we will be in front of more people who need our services that we can earn business with.

5) What have you enjoyed most about using T-Rex Inks?

We love the vibrancy, the color selection, dry time, and how long the large bottles last vs other companies offer.

alcohol ink tumblers

6) Is there a way to watch you two as you create? Where do you sell your creations and supplies?

There is! We actively stream on Twitch every Thursday - Saturday at 8PM EST

You can also find us on instagram @KingsCreations.Shop

We also have a facebook group for people to keep up with our supplies and share their work!

And our website for supplies and custom work is King's Creations!


Awesome! Thanks so much you two. Your artworks are amazing, you are truly the Kings of tumblers, and everybody interested in Alcohol Ink Tumblers should 100% watch your streams for amazing tips and techniques. Keep up the great work and thanks for taking the time to chat with us!